The Gruppo R

Brescia real estate
Gruppo R was founded in 1986 from the desire of some of its founders, entrepreneurs from various fields, to invest in the property of the local and national region, because it is considered a safe investment no matter how the market goes. As a veritable "trading" the company still buys large properties in blocks (preferably already built and subdivided), condominiums, small complexes, small shopping centres, and then sells them one by one to individuals or investors who then sell or let them for a profit.

From the parent company, founded in 1986, other daughter companies were then founded which are dedicated to various markets: one specialised in buying and selling properties (residential and commercial); one specialised in letting shops and large spaces in shopping centres (preferably in view of motorways); another 3 affiliated companies specialise in hospitality and manage the Hotel Primotel and the Hotel Fiera located in Brescia, Villa Cappellina Hotel on Lake Garda and Vercelli Palace Hotel in Vercelli.

Thanks to careful selection of the market operations to be conducted, Gruppo R succeeds in optimising its investments, creating a virtuous "domino effect" which favours all parts involved in the transaction, including the end buyer. In fact, many of our investor clients are return clients who have already bought through us and carefully follow our action on the market.